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Returns Help
In order to return or exchange a product, you'll need to login to your customer account and select the order you want to perform a return or exchange on. If you are having trouble, follow the steps below to get your return order started.
Returns Help: Notes
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Returns Help: Explanation
Click on the Customer Account link on the website for the Customer Account login/registration options:

Once you're viewing the Customer Account page, click on Customer Account Login:

Now that you're viewing the login box, enter the email address and password for your customer account. Your email address is the one you either registered your customer account with, or the one you used to order with Swim2000. If you phoned in your order, your password is the Billing first name on your order. If you have forgotten your password, click here:

At your Customer Account Panel, click on Your Orders to view a listing of all the orders for your customer account:

From your list of orders, click on the order number that you want to create a return order for:

Finally, click on the Create Refund/Exchange Order link to begin the returns process:

At this point, you will receive detailed instruction during the returns process to complete it. If your order has a note saying an RMA is not allowed, you will need to call us for assistance.
If you've forgotten the password to your customer account, click on the link to retrieve your password:

Once you're viewing the password generation page, enter your customer account email address to have a new password generated and emailed to you:

Once you've received your new password, click here to resume the returns explanation.